About 4BP 


4BP Horses are the only operators in Australia who have offered to take all the iconic heritage horses from Mt Kosciusko destined for slaughter. They are the only family in Australia to make such an offer. Each of these horses get acquired, transported and housed, fed and trained, using unique method of 4BP training, before being rehomed. 

They are saving the brumbies so that they can utilize them in community projects through the 4BP training technique which is indisputably world leading. The 4BP training is so easy and kind to use that it allows for safe interaction between a novice and a horse. The horses and the humans can have a more unified and deeper connection and understanding of each other. 

Here at Queensland 4BP Equine Training we are making this method available throughout Queensland. We have our standard packages listed on the TRAINING PACKAGES page, you can also contact me to organize private clinics at your location.

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