Qld 4BP Newsletter

Well its been a very unusual start to this year like we have never seen before with the effects of Covid19 bringing all of our training to a screaming halt.

We managed to get 3, 5 day clinics in at the start of year with about 20 people coming through. We will continue to use these facilities moving forward as we a secured a mutual deal with the land owners. WE will be bringing horses in and housing them on this property. As soon as the restrictions are lifted and we can travel again we will resume our 5 day clinics.

Some absolutely beautiful horses have been trained and I keep receiving lovely updates and videos on everyones progress after the clinic.

Shortly we will be taking horses in to train for clients that find it difficult to take a week or 2 of work to be fully involved in the process. The technique will not change, we will just have to do video calls and the owners will have to come and join us at least twice during the training process.

The head work relaxation videos have been really well received with some amazing stories coming in about individual successes. This is what 4BP is all about, teaching people so they can go forward and teach others, slowly we will change the thinking around horse training.

On a personal front, this time in lock down has given me an opportunity to upgrade my own facilities. Clearing and flattening an area for a proper arena and more Face Up yards. Till now we have been using a large round yard and 2 Face Up yards,so this will make the flow work a lot smoother.

Moving forward within the next 6 weeks hopefully I will be able to start advertising for the 5 Day Full Emmersion clinics at Stanthorpe, all depending on Governments restrictions on travel being lifted. Fingers crossed I will get to catch up with some of you shortly.

Stay safe , and keep an eye on the FB page for updates,

Bye now,



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