"That one Horse"

Most horses have been handed around and sold on to different people. We talk a lot about this in our training and refer to it in a similar way to a child that has come through the foster system. They settle into one house learn the rules, get into the routine, start to trust and maybe even relax. Then for no apparent reason ( in the horses mind) eg. can't jump high enough, not fast enough, doesn't like cattle etc. They get moved onto the next home and the same thing happens all over again, that next home is very harsh and impatient with the horse. So the horse soon learns not to trust, not to relax as he doesn't want that feeling of abandonment again so he just shuts down. The pyschological effects on his mind are enormous.

Eventually he ends up in a home that just accepts him as he is and shows him unconditional love and respect, just allows him to be a horse for awhile.

Horses have very similar emotions and feelings to humans but are so much more intuitive than humans. They understand a stern voice or a grumpy look. They love a calm voice, a scratch or a rub, a vet to treat in times of need. Look them in the eye when you are communicating with just like you would a human. If I was to talk to you with my back turned you would automatically think I have no respect for you...… same for the horse. It has to be 50/50 relationship not a 90/10 dictatorship.

Before you step in the yard with your horse clear your mind of negative thoughts, take a few deep breaths and be 100% present for your horse, your horse is watching and looking for any signs long before you have said a word to him. They pick up on your emotions and are a mirror of you. Once they find this human that provides without wanting anything in return and no time line ,they quite often will become "That one Horse"

They will be so happy and content that they give back to you 10 fold. Quite often that same horse that couldn't jump, wasn't fast enough, didn't like cattle will do all of these things and more and will give you 110% all of the time.

Simply just show them love and you will have "That one Horse"


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