It was such an amazing weekend.The progress that I made was beyond anything I ever imagined or expected. I gained soo much knowledge from Charles and the others that attended and met some amazing people that I hope to keep in contact with.

Keisha Orpin

Dayboro Clinic

I didin't know what to expect as I have never seen any full videos. First day seemed a little like not going anywhere but day 2 it all came together and made so much sense. Thankyou very much.

Shana Rodgers

Warwick Clinic

I cant really put into words how fantastic this has been. My mind is blown!! Charles is so calm and easy to talk to and work with. Thankyou

Tina Hine


I cant recommend this method STRONGLY enough. Definitely life changing for me. I would love to learn and do more!!! Thnkyou so much.

Narelle Barlow


As a clinic organizer, Charles is really easy to work with. As a horse owner and mum , he's one of those gifted teachers who goes about life instructing with the same philosophy. Calm , quiet and break the target down into doable chunks. From an OH&S perspective this is one of the least confrontational methods i've come across when interacting with large potentially lethal animals.

4BP is a mind set shift and paradigm change from the more traditional ways of dealing with horses. I whole heartedly recommend anyone just go and have a seat a clinic and make your own mind up.

Kylie Morris

Bundaberg Clinic

Thankyou so much for conducting your clinic at Rosedale. The 4BP experience borders on sheer brilliance and personally I was thrilled to be witness to that.

The old ways are gone. New friendships were formed and your clinic instilled a new way to look at our Equine friends. Thankyou.


Rosedale Clinic

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